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I am Sagar Shrestha a freelance Photojournalist who has been practicing the trade for the last 12 years. I have traveled the breadth and distance of whole of Nepal.


I was born in 2027 B.S. (1970) in Kathmandu. My venture into the world of photography started while I was still in school. In the year 1996, I started with Nepali Daily Himalaya Times. At the same time, I was working for Bimochan Monthly Magazine. From year 1997 to 2000, I was the photo journalist for Nepali language tabloid weekly Saptahik and Sarbottam monthly magazine. The publisher, Kantipur Publications Pvt. Ltd is still the best publishing house in Nepal. The Nepali language daily Space Time appointed me as it's photojournalist from 2000 till 2003. From the year 2003 to 2005, I was the lead photojournalist for Nepal Samacharpatra Nepali daily. Meanwhile, I got the appointment as photojournalist for Nation weekly, an English language magazine until the magazine's closure at year 2005. My interest is mainly in photojournalism regarding conflict, political, social, human interest, current affairs. Lately, I have been affiliated with news portal: Independent News Service (URL: from 2006 onwards.


My strong work ethics saw this professional given photography assignments for United Nations Mission in Nepal UNMIN in the year 2007. The issue of insurgents' cantonment and it's photography assignments fell to my shoulders. I completed the assignments with utmost professionalism and dedication. The British government's international aid arm, Department for Foreign Investment and Development DFID gave an assignment to me on year 2005 for their Development Village Visit campaign. These assignments followed more assignment for UN Office for High Commission for Human Rights OHCHR during the visit of High Commissioner to Nepal in 2007. Photography assignments for PANOS South Asia institute in year 2007 was given to me along with the assignment by The Carter Center for former American President Jimmy Carter's visit to Nepal in 2007.


I am content with my profession, yet striving to do better. My photos are appreciated for their ingenuity and creativity resulting in many accolades and awards. My awards include consolation Prize in Asia Pacific Photo Competition Japan in year 2000, year 2001 Prize of Excellence in Asia Pacific Photo Competition Japan. My expertise in sensing the pulse of Nepali masses propels me consistently in foremost position in Press Photo Exhibitions conducted by National Forum of Photo journalists (NFPJ), in year 2004, 2005 & 2006. My achievement went even further as I became the Grand Prize Winner of National Press Photo Contest conducted in 2007, by far the biggest achievement any photo journalist has ever achieved in Nepal.

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